Medical Minute: Massive Hemoptysis

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July 27, 2017 by dailybolusoflr

By: Shabana Walia

Definition: > 500cc in 24 hours or > 100cc/hour regardless of hemodynamic status

Causes of Massive Hemoptysis:


Tuberculosis (active or prior)


Lung Abscess

Immunologic Lung Diseases

Mitral Stenosis

Pulmonary embolism

Vessel involved: Bronchial Arteries (90%) > Pulmonary Arteries (5%)

Risk Factors that Predict Mortality:

Volume of Hemoptysis

History of CHF

Underlying Pulmonary Disease

Infiltrates on CXR

Bleeding from PA




Initial Steps:

Identify which site is bleeding and place patient with bleeding lung in the dependent position

Intubate when: hemodynamic instability, poor gas exchange, persistent dyspnea, altered mental status, or patient with poor cardiopulmonary reserve

If profuse, can attempt to mainstem intubate the non-bleeding lung. This would also be an indication for a double-lumen ETT

Consider transfusion and correct all coagulopathies

Have a low threshold to perform a chest CT with IV contrast

Consult Teams and Therapeutic Interventions:

Pulmonology – Flexible or rigid bronchoscopy

Interventional Radiology – Arterial embolization

Thoracic Surgery – Operative repair


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